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Probably the best restaurant in the city
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Pub 13 - Citadel’s main Restaurant

PUB 13

Class A historical monument from 1250 and 1715

The only space where you find several centuries

For connoisseurs, the atmosphere, the place, and its conception mean more than just a space where drinks complement fine food and quality music. The place creates a noble feeling because it inherently respects the lost idea of nobility through excellence, without titles, without honors, only through discretion and openness, from the scent of mulled wine to appetizing dishes, attracting those seeking the atmosphere of yesteryear, that of knights and princes, which they believed lost through the yellowed pages of history books.

Those who come to us return with joy, remembering with pleasure that in the Citadel of Alba Iulia there is a place that respects history, tradition, and contemporary people. Because it's not just about wine and food, it's always more than that and it's always different...

Lonely planet TOP CHOICE in Transylvania

Cultural Route “Historic Cafes Route”

SINCE 2003

PUB 13

Citadel Restaurant is for many the first choice when looking for a restaurant in Alba Carolina Citadel where they can satisfy their hunger, thirst, and desire for socializing, whether we're talking about locals or tourists from home and abroad.

The longest running restaurant in town

21 years in business

Currently, a multitude of customers indulge in Romanian dishes every day. Foreign tourists represent more than a third of the people who step through our doors every day, Pub 13 - Citadel Restaurant being more than just a restaurant where they come to eat, but also a place where they can discover and admire a space that has been a silent witness to many events in Romania's history.